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​1. Cumberland Gap National Park/Hike to

 Hensley’s Settlement

​2. Wilderness Road State Park

​3. The White Rocks

​4. Cowan Mill, Ewing

​5. Thomas Walker Civic Park & Hike to   Sand cave & White Rocks

​6. Cumberland Bowl Park, Jonesville

​7. Collier Mill/Duck Pond

​10. Lee Theater

11.​ Stone Mountain ATV Trail

​12. Stone Face Rock, Pennington Gap


13. Lake Keokee, Keokee

​14. Stone Creek Outdoor Classroom

​15. Coal Miners Memorial, St. Charles

​16. Cooney Hollow Swinging Bridge, Jonesville

​17. Wayne’s Place, Hubbard Springs

​18. Cedar Hills Country Club, Jonesville

​19. Leeman Field Park, Pennington Gap

​20. Powell Mountain Overlook

​21. Cave Springs Recreation Area

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